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What is activated carbon filter?

Activated carbon filter also known as activated charcoal filter in market.Generally they are used to remove volatile organic compounds(VOC) and unpleasant smells from room environments.What is activate carbon filter actually means?the answer is that carbon is treated with steam or carbon dioxide which make it activated. Also by doing this there is an increase in surface area by creating pores to trap more gas molecules.activated carbon
Carbon filter contains more carbon quantity is more effective.Normally 5 pounds carbon is considered effective for an average carbon filter as it can effectively block pollutants.As a rough estimate a single gram of activated carbon has a surface area larger than 32,000 sq ft.
Carbon filters absorb smoke and odors more effectively than other types of filtration methods.Pollutants stick to the surface of carbon. It is not wrong to say that a carbon filter is a less budget filter with more effective results.

When to replace activated carbon filter?
Activated filters can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner.Some filters are washable if mentioned on it.when you feel unpleasant smells from purifiers,it means that filter becomes expired and needs replacement.Actually its pores becomes filled with pollutants and no more pollutants trapped by its spaces.For better efficiency of purifier it is suggested to replace the carbon filter after a few months.
Things to remember before purchasing carbn filter:
Before purchasing an carbon filter you should focus on:activated carbon
1-Replacement cost of carbon filter
2-How much polluted air of your room by odor and other chemicals
3-Are carbon filters reusable by vacuum or washing or not.
Mostly wood and coconut shell are used to make charcoal.

Just the promptly ignitable material in the wood has burned out, This is because of lack of oxygen or improper heat availability. The dark roast that remains is generally carbon.

Activated carbon has gone through some additional processing i.e pass through heat, carbon dioxide or steam which makes a grid of little pores in the carbon. Ultimately expending surface area of pores.activated carbon

At one point these pores are full of unpleasant gases. This is the point when the activated carbon filter has to replace with new one. It will usually take 3 months to 9 months to replace the carbon filter.

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