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If you need indoor air purification and want to get rid of pollution due to dust or even scrolling for the best air purifier for dust allergies, you are more than welcome.

Here we will guide you about dust pollution, how to remove and what are necessary precautionary measures you should take to clean your room.

In addition, we will discuss what are the essentials of buying an air purifier for dust.also there is a complete buying guide that helps you to do the best selection.

For your convenience here are given some main points in bullet sequence that facilitate you to save your surfing time.

1). What is Dust and dust mites? 
2). How can you get rid of dust?
3).Which type of air purifier is beneficial for you against dust?
4). Buying Guide for purchasing purifier.
5). Air purifier for dust removal list.
6). Other ways to clean dust from home. 

What Is Dust And Dust Mites?

For a layman, dust is just the smallest dirty particles that come through the window, door or along with shoes. It is actually not only small atom or molecules of dirt but also dead skin of our body. Also, it is organic matter, waste and remains that come along pets hair if you have pets in your home.

In a broad sense, dust-like particles also consist of small food particles, animals waste and pets hair, fur, dander and dust mites(small bugs that eat dust particles and animal & human skin).

How Can You Get Rid Of Dust?

If you are facing following symptoms or conditions then dust involvement is obvious:

  1. When you are suffering from cough and allergy even after removing waste in your room, there is a high chance of dust and dust mites in your room that are causing infection. The solution is to purify the room from the unhygienic atmosphere along with medical treatment.
  2. If you have a company of elderly people at home who are not cured of the skin or pulmonary disease even after dusting and cleaning bedsheets, you must think about room purification.
  3. In allergy and pollen season if anyone in your home is asthma patient and disease recovery takes a long time, there must be a chance of dust involvement that irritates you and prolong disease.

If you are looking for some proper therapy, we offer you free counselling about the right product. Our honest and without any exaggeration opinion will definitely guide you to reach the root cause. 

First of all our straight advice is to buy the best air purifier containing fine filters. if you really want to relieve from dust and dust mites you must notice what is the best CADR for the dust of your purifier.

Air purifiers pull dust particles by ionizers or filters and prevent them from going back into the room atmosphere. Smart sensors are there that control air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

Which Type Of Air Purifier Is Beneficial For You Against Dust?

As all purifier are not effective for dust. If you are the victim of dust and allergy disease, you should select air purifier which meets the following criteria,

It must contain HEPA filterHigh-Efficiency Particulate Air filters.

This filter has the ability to capture 99.97% dust particles and other allergens that are 0.3 microns(for a comparison purpose one micron is ten times smaller than red blood cells in our body)

It must fulfill CADR(dust)for room space.

CADR(Clean air delivery rate) shows the relationship between efficiency and space i.e how efficiently an air purifier cleans the air within specific room size. Also, what is the cleaning speed of the purifier in a specific area? if a fan of purifier is strong then the dust will be removed more quickly and CADR is high.

Ionizer option in purifiers which produce a cloud of ions that attract dust and small particles strongly thus make room free of dust and dust mites.

Buying Guide For Purchasing Best Dust Removal Purifier.(Best air purifier for large spaces).

Area coverage 300 sq.ft. to 1500 sq.ft

Here is given some diversified air purifiers that protect you from dust and other allergens.Due to excellent performance these can be best used for large spaces. A common thing in these purifiers is that all of these contain True HEPA filters that capture tiny particles and provide a fresh and healthy environment.

1). IQ Air Health pro Plus 
2). Rabbit Air Minus A2
3).Levoit LV-H 133
4). Blueair Classic 605
5). Coway ap-1512hh
6). Honeywell HPA 300 


Best Solution For Dust And Dust Mites:

CADR 300-776cfm

If you want high-quality air without dust and dust mites then you should search for a purifier that has a strong filtration system, powerful fan and high CADR for dust. This is best possible by IQAir health pro purifier.



As it covers all areas from medium to large even extra-large.Coverage capacity of this gorgeous purifier is 1125 sq.ft.Being large room air purifier it can be used in wide areas in your home i.e large living room, dining room, wide basement and even in large guest rooms.

A great advantage of this purifier is the Hyper HEPA filter that can capture ultra fine dust particles up to 0.003 microns. This is a very small size and only Hyper HEPA filter of this machine has the ability to trap such small particles.

  • Filtration system: Pre-filter and Latest Price On Amazon True HEPA filter can capture the smallest particles of dust
  • Filtration Size: Hyper HEPA filter can capture particles up to 0.003 Microns
  • Filtration Capacity: CADR for dust and dust mites 300-776cfm

An interesting thing is the V5-Cell Odor filter used in health pro plus containing 5 pounds of Activated Carbon having the capacity to block the extensive range of household odors as well as chemical pollutants in the atmosphere.

Thus it serves both to remove dust as well as odor from the atmosphere.

High range remote controlNO sleep mode
Hyper Hepa filter for filtration of micro particles
No smart sensor
Powerful 6 fan speeds for suction of small particles of wider area
Slight costly
Extensive 5 years warranty
Strong Quiet mode
Timer option


This powerful purifier has the ability to quickly remove small particles of dust, pollen and pets allergies. Due to strong 5 fan speeds its coverage for a wide area of 700 sq.ft is quick and effective.So it is nominated for area coverage>500 sq.ft.

RabbitAir MinusA2 purifier

RabbitAir MinusA2 purifier

This  Wall-mounted purifier has a strong filtration system to capture dust and dust mites. Its filtration system consists of 6 diversified layers that provide protection against tiny particles in the room. During dusting of furniture or bed sheets, you need no worry as large and small particles are trapped in its filters thus protects us from suffocation and lung diseases.

Ionizer option is an outstanding property of this purifier. If you are fed up by dust mites, this machine captures and neutralizes dust mites Latest Price On Amazon and airborne allergens by creating an anionic cloud. This ionizer is also controlled by the mood light of the display.

  • Filtration system:Filtration system of rabbitair consists of 6 layers i.e pre-filter(trap large particles),medium filter(trap large particles),bioGS HEPAfilter(trap tiny particles),activated carbon filter(trap odor),customized filter(trap germs,pet allergens,odors),and ionizer(neutralizes airborne allergens)
  • Filtration Size:BioGS HEPA filter clean air 99.97% (reduce particles up to 0.3 Microns)
  • Filtration Capacity:CADR for dust is 193cfm

Air quality indicator detects automatically dust and pets allergen hence adjusts fan speed accordingly.Air quality indicator can be changed into 3 lights i.e blue (best room atmosphere), purple(light dusty), red (worst) depending on air condition.

Customized remote control and wifi options are there to select and adjust multiple functions remotely.

Strong filtration system consisting of 6 layers
No child lock
Ultra quiet
CADAR for dust is low relative to cost
Wifi enabled,remote control
5 years warranty
Wall mounted

3-LEVOIT LV-H133: CADR>200cfm

If you are suffering from dust allergy and looking treatment, you must check Levoit family due to increasing demand. This air purifier has the same cylindrical shape like Levoit LV-H 132. Due to powerful fan speed it is successful for large space 538 sq.ft.


Levoit LVH 133 Purifier

The touch interface on top consists of multiple buttons enclosed in a circle. This circle indicates air quality light. if air quality is very good then light of this ring becomes blue. if good light becomes green if moderate light will be orange and if extreme dusty then light become red. Furthermore if air quality is good,it adjusts fan speed automatically at low mode.if dusty it adjust fan at high.

Timer option helps you to set the time according  to dusty condition. With powerful dust removal fan speed, it still works at quiet mode. Latest Price On Amazon You can enjoy a peaceful sleep with only 25bB.

If the room environment is dusty, its air quality indicator option automatically detects the dust particles and adjusts fan speed accordingly.

Due to 360 filtration design and cyclone technology,it provides relief to asthma patients about 40% faster than other purifiers.

  • Filtration system:Filtration system consists of pre-filter(trap large particles), HEPA filter(trap tiny particles),activated carbon filter(trap odor).The filter should be changed after 6 months depending on the air quality of your area
  • Filtration Size: HEPA filter clean dust and dust mites up to  99.97% (reduce particles up to 0.3 Microns)
  • Filtration Capacity: CADR for dust is 235cfm  
Infrared smart sensor
No remote control
Quiet mode
No child lock
3 fan speeds
1 Year Warranty
Excellent room coverage
Low energy consumption only 33 watts


If you are fed up with dust and virtual small airborne then a blueair classic 605 air purifier is the best choice. This powerful machine is designed for large areas (605-775 sq.ft.)and clean effectively hidden dust particles that your pets bring along with their hair in the room. So it is no wrong to say the like honeywell HPA 300 it is best large room air purifier.

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

The display panel shows 3 simple but highly customization options. At the left of the control panel of blueair 605, there is a wifi button that is connected with your mobile. If your room is dusty, you can control purifier remotely without entering the the middle, there is a fan speed button which consists of 3 bars enclosed in a circle showing fan speed. if the fan speed is low that indicates low dusty environment then one bar shows blue light. if medium, two bar glow blue. Similarly if fan speed high due to excessive dust,three-bar shows blue glowing. So you can set the fan speed of  blueair 605 according to the dusty condition of your room. Latest Price On Amazon

On the right side of the control panel of Blueair 605 there is a filter change button. If there is an indication of blue color enclosed in a grey circle boundary then no need for filter replacement. if the color of this button become orange then filter replacement can clean this purifier by a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the filter It will sustain the running effectiveness of this filter.

An impressive feature of Blueair 605 is that it has an ionizer option that creates clouds of negative ions that trap the smallest airborne particles thus capturing airborne up to 99.97% down to 0.1 microns.

  • Filtration system: Filtration system consists HEPA silent filter(a combination of HEPA and ionizer) for trapping dust and pet dander, activated carbon filter(trap VOC gases and smoke and odor).The filter should be changed approx after 6 months depending on the air quality of your area.
  • Filtration Size: HEPA Asilent filter attracts dust and dust mites up to  99.97% (reduce particles up to 0.1 Microns)
  • Filtration Capacity:CADR for dust is 500cfm

With a smartphone, you can control its timer, LED lights, night mode, child lock and fan speed.

Wifi enabled
No air quality indicator
HEPA silent technologyLack of pre filter that capture large particles
3 fan speeds with whisper quiet operationHigh filter replacement charges
Warranty 5 years

5-COWAY AP-1512HH:CADR>200

Another emerging purifier that provides relief in allergy due to dust and dust mites is coway ap-1512hh best buy. Coway has a 4 stage filtration system serving customers living in the area of 361 sq.ft.Coway AP-1512HH

Four-stage filtration of Coway includes Pre-filter, Carbon filter, True HEPA filter and ionizer. All of these filters have the tendency to dirt free the room by blocking the dust and small particles to 0.3 microns.

An ionizer option is here that creates an ionic cloud to attract the dust mites thus cleaning room effectively up to 99.97%.

Bad air is traced out by its auto mode. Dueto this mode, Coway optimizes 3 fan speed Latest Price On Amazon according to air condition. When this purifier senses the dusty environment, it is in auto mode. when no pollution then this purifier moves to ECO mode.

You can adjust the time of Coway by its timer option. Time of this purifier can be adjusted for one, four, eight and twelve hours. So you can save energy by its timer option. If your pet enters in the room with few dust particles attached with their body, you can ON purifier and set for timer for one hr for removing dust particles in small quantity.

4 Stage filtration
No remote control
Four timer option set for 1,4,8 and 12 hrs Top light always remain illuminates
Auto mode that adjust fan speed accordingly
No child lock
Air quality indicator and ECO mode

6-HONEYWELL HPA 300: CADR>300cfm

Honeywell is best-recommended air purifier by doctors in case of allergy due to dust or pollen. Reason for recommendation is its powerful filtration and fan power which are necessary for blocking of small particles of dust. This model of Honeywell electronic air cleaner has the ability to clean a large area of 465sq.ft so it can be used for XL rooms.

Honeywell HPA 300 purifier

Honeywell HPA 300 purifier

Its Turbo mode has the ability to clean rooms with strong power. Also 3 modes i.e Allergen, General clean and Germ are optimized for removing allergies, everyday small particles of dust and germs. The Smart sensor of Honeywell hpa 300 has multiple options which synchronize it in modern purifiers. Three timer options can be set for 2,4 and 8 hours which solve your tension of stopping this machine at a specific time. This option will help you if you want to run purifier automatically for a small or large time period depending on the dusty condition of the room.

Filtration system:Filtration Latest Price On Amazon system consists of three  HEPA, activated carbon filter .Honeywell air purifier filters includes fiter pack value kit and activated charcoal pre-filter.

Filtration Size: HEPA filter attracts dust and dust mites up to  99.97% (reduce particles up to 0.3 Microns)

Filtration Capacity: CADR for dust is 320cfm  

3 HEPA filters to protect from asthma,dust and allergy
Slightly loud sound
3 Timer options for 2,4 and 8 hours
Absence of auto mode and air quality sensor
3 cleaning levels plus Turbo cleaning
4 fan speeds inclusive of Turbo mode
Carbon filter performs 2 functions i.e protects from large particles and from odor

Other Ways To Clean Dust From Home:

If you have pets in your home, especially dogs and cats, there is a greater chance that they bring with them dust along with their body. Dust particles are camouflaged and hidden in their hair. When they come in the room or near your bed, leave that dust particle on your bed sheets or furniture. This practice of course cause some unpleasant impact on your body. On a regular basis, this movement of pets can cause allergy or asthma problem.

In order to avoid such unhygienic conditions, you should prefer the air purifiers. There are following some other tricky ways to keep away from such conditions.

Wash pets body regularly:

Bathing your pets once a week for the sake of hygienic purposes is good practice. Some times dust mites are hidden in curly hair of your pets that are dangerous for your pet’s health and ultimately for your health. Pets that pass a long time outside the home are more susceptible to dust particles and dust mites.

Furthermore, if your pets that have allergic symptoms are fast carriers of the disease. 

In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, it is advised to dirt-free the body of your pets or preferably washes your pet’s body at regular intervals.

Brush your pets:

Pets spread dander and hair everywhere in the home that pollutes your home environment. In order to avoid such irritating situations, it is suggested to brush your pets on a regular basis. Brush before and after bath add charm as well as protects your pets from allergic diseases.

Change your bedding once a week:

When your pets sit on your bed, dust and dust mites are trapped in your bedsheets. This unhealthy situation can cause illness and pulmonary tract diseases. In order to avoid such unpleasant conditions, it is advised to change your bed sheets at least once a week.

Vacuum your furniture and carpet:

Dust particles are scattered everywhere in the room environment. It is necessary to vacuum your carpet once in month and furniture two times in a month. 

If you are pet lovers then by using the air purifier problem of pets dander and hair can be solved to a large extent. Furthermore, by using a vacuum cleaner for removing the dust from the air, your whole atmosphere becomes fresh and free of pollutants.