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Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

If you have pets in your home and  fed up by dander,odor and hair and looking solution then Germguardian air purifiers are the best choice. Germguardian has earned a good fame in the purifiers market due to less budget and more functionality. One product which is germguardian ac5250pt 3-in-1 air purifier with pet pure true hepa filter has gained many reviews but germguardian-ac4825 rating is very high. Its three-step filtration system with UV-C light removes germs thus clean air up to 99.7% and makes a safe relationship with pets.

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Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Design And Display Panel Of Germguardian-ac4825:

This purifier looks like a column with compact design, the height of this sleek column is 22 inch and the color is black with a silver head. A fascinating blue light at the junction of head and body indicates that UV-C light is in working position. This light presents appealing look at night in the bedroom. Polluted air enters into the device through grills present at the backside and fresh air comes out from the front side.

the control panel consists of an ON/OFF button, dial button for 3 fan speeds setting, UV light button and filter replacement green light. If the filter becomes expired, this light turns to red. It is a low weight purifier so you can easily move anywhere at home.

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Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Filter And Maintenance:

Place germguardian-ac4825 at some distance from the wall so that there is good circulation of air.Filter light is green when it performs well.When filter expires light turns to red.AC 4825 consists of following 3 in 1 filtration system.

Pre-Filter: Pre-filter is binded with activated carbon filter.It blocks pets dander and large particles.Also AC 4825 has the capacity to remove the nasty smell of your pets.By this it protects true HEPA filter as major part of allergens are sieve off here.

HEPA filter:HEPA is an shortcut of High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It removes  99.97% of microscopic particles that are cut down to 0.3 microns.0.3-micron size is very small.

For your information, it is interesting to mention here that doctors  suggest it while treating  complicated cases of asthma.

Replacing the filter of AC 4825  is very simple .This activity can be done without toolbox.Pull plastic back off by pushing clips present near the top.Replace the filters as both filters of this purifier can be changed similtaneously one by one. You can change the filter after the duration of  6-8 months depending upon usage.HEPA filter can be cleaned and pollutants free by a vacuum cleaner. By this, its life span and durability of this purifier is enhanced.

Latest Price On Amazon:

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  • Clean air up to 99.97% due to HEPA filter
  • UV-C light kills bacteria and germs 
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Easy to use


  • UV-C light can not automatically turned off
  • Slightly noisy at high speed
  • Lack of advance features

Bottom line

Germguardian is low price purifier with more effective functions.This purifier has a three in one filtration system like many other purifiers.Its True HEPA filter and UV-C light kills germs effectively.

Germguardian is a cost-effective and lightweight air purifier. This purifier is only 7 lbs in weight so owing to light weight we can shift it easily to other places like germguardian ac5250pt. Its 3-in-1 filtration system has the ability to protects you from germs and other pets allergens by keeping air clean up 99.97%. Some people complain about its blue UV-C light as it is disturbing during movie watching or at the time of sleep. You can use dark tape over it. If you want some advanced features then use some expensive purifier.

Germguardian AC 4100:

Another small but high rating purifier is germguardian ac 4100. This tabletop purifier consists of 3 in 1 filtration systems that capture airborne up to 0.3 microns.Also, its UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses of small to medium room.Germguardian AC 4100 has three speed setting dial button so you can adjust speed according to your desire. some users like it due to speaker shape compact body shape. Some users are unsatisfied about its airflow direction and high pitched moan at high speed which may be disturbing at calm may use it at low speed at night otherwise you can use germguardian ac5250pt with advanced have to pay out some additional charges but it will fulfill your requirement and needs.

Germguardian AC 4300 BPT CA

Another high rating but less than ac4825and ac 4100 is germguardian ac 4300. It also consists of true HEPA filter, charcoal filter and UV-C light to kill germs. This model is also called pet pur because its HEPA filter is treated with a microbial agent to kill microbes and germs of pets.UV-C light of this tower shape purifier provides excellent relief against allergy, itchy eyes and running nose problem. It is has timer option for setting time of purifer for any required period. Also, this model has 3 fan speeds and quiet mode options that facilitate you to sleep peacefully at night.

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier

Germguardian AC 4825 Purifier