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GermguardianAC 9400W

For the protection of germs “Guardian Technology” is very appreciable as it is famous in making diversified products like humidifiers, sanitizes as well as purifiers.

Technologists of this brand are doing continuous effort to improve the home environment along with human health.

If you are a pet lover, this brand is admirable in the protection of germs due to pets due to UV light, HEPA filters and carbon filters. Its 3 in 1 filtration system cleans your room space up to 99.97%.

Due to high demand, we also added in our best home air purifier list. Here is some most demanding germguardian brand. By visiting these you can easily make a choice which purifier should be selected from the same brand.

===> In a rush check the list of some most demanding germguardian brands with area coverage comparison.

GermguardianAC 9400W:

Germguardian technology making continuous effort to develop versatile and attractive brands like levoit and honywell brands.This 360 tower console HEPA purifier has the ability to purify large areas of about 402 sq.ft.

A demanding feature air quality indicator that automatically optimizes air conditions is the main characteristic of this brand. Depending upon the air quality, its fan speed can be adjusted to 4 modes(low, medium, high and turbo)

Also, this purifier has a programmable timer option that can be set for 12 hours hence save energy.

Let us read the below description under following headings;

Germguardian AC9400

Germguardian AC9400

1). Design and functionality
2). Air purification system
3).CADR and ACH rating
4). Effect on electricity
5). Noise level
6). Customer services 
7). Verdict 
8). Features 

Design and Functionality:

The Germguardian AC 9400W has a triangular column-shaped white body.

This tower shape machine has a 360 air filtration system similar to other purifiers brands like Levoit LVH 133 or Levoit LV H 135. It sucks bad air from the side pores and ejects clean air from the top side.

Control panel of this purifier is located on the forehead consisting of 4 buttons. At the right side of the control panel, there is a moon shape sleep mode option that keeps the lights dim and the fan speed low at night. Next is 4-speed settings that can be adjusted according to your noise preference. Child lock option protects the control panel from children by locking its functions. The last option on the right side of AC 9400W is a timer that can be customized for 12 hours.

Near these buttons, there is a digital air quality indicator that measures particulate matter in PM-2.5 range.

Germguardian AC9400w

Germguardian AC9400w

Air Purification System:

The filtration system of GermguardianAC 9400W provides protection against bacteria, virus and other consist of a HEPA filter, Carbon filter as well as ionizer.

HEPA filter: All in one HEPA filter captures dander particles of pets, dust, pollen, spores and germs. Thus cleaning air up to 99.97%  by reducing allergens 0.3 microns. Replacement of filter recommended after 6-8 months depending on the usage.

Carbon filter: Carbon filter consists of the charcoal layer that trap obtrusive odor of your pets, kitchen smells and chemical smells

Ionizer: This purifier uses an optional ionizer instead of UV-C light. It can be OFF/ON. Thus you can use an ozone-free ionizer that traps allergens by making an electric cloud.

Germguardian AC9400w

Germguardian AC9400w

Latest Price On Amazon:

In our site here is given following price ranges of purifiers.You can buy the product according to your capacity.

  • $200 or below
  • $200 to $400
  • More than $400

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CADR and ACH Rating:

Germguardian AC 9400W covers an area of 402 sq.ft.CADR rating for this purifier for Dust (263 cfm) Pollen (275 cfm) and Smoke (259cfm) so it is best suitable for a medium to a large room,.Air exchange through this purifier after every 12 minutes.

Due to strong fan speeds, area coverage of this purifier is 402 sq.ft.Using medium spaces provides excellent performance.

ACH(Air change per hour) rating tells us how much time an appliance takes to clean a room. This ACH rating is determined by “X” multiplied by a number of times air exchange through the purifier. For Germguardian AC 9400W ACH rating is 5X means it can clean the room air 5 times per hour.

Effect On Electricity:

Two most frequent questions that customers ask during purchasing air purifier;

  • For what time span should air purifier be used?
  • How much electricity does an air purifier utilize?

Our loyal advice is to read the energy specs from the manual before purchase or use of the purifier. Secondly, some purifiers have Air quality indicator or Timer options so these purifiers automatically detect air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly.In this case of Germguardian AC 9400W which have air quality indicator that can detect bad, moderate and good air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly. Also, this purifier has a programmable timer option.You can set a time up to 12 hours and save energy.

For your knowledge;

One unit electricity = 1 KW (1000 watts)/per one hr.

The formula for monthly electricity usage and per month electricity cost is;

Monthly Electricity Usage = (Air Purifiers rated Power x Daily usage in an hour)/1000 x 30) kWh month

Monthly Electricity Cost = Monthly Electricity Usage x Energy charges per kWh in USD

In the case of  Germguardian AC 9400W, energy consumption is 48 Watts(rated power). If you use this machine continuously for almost 12 hours, then multiply 48 by 12 and divide by 1000watts. Multiply the remaining figure by 30 for the monthly this way, monthly power utilization will find out.   = 48*12/1000=0.57*30=17.28 KWatts per month

To find out monthly electricity cost multiply monthly consumption by the unit cost of electricity. (Suppose if unit cost is $2.1) =17.28 * 2.1=36.2 cents/kWh per month

Germguardian AC9400w

Germguardian AC9400w

Noise Level:

Noise and sound levels of a purifier are calculated in decibels (dB). All purifiers have reasonable sound(not very loud), especially when compared with refrigerator or window AC. The quietest air purifiers fall in the range of dB rating of 15-35 at the low fan speed, whereas moderate ones in the range of 35 to 55 and the loudest purifiers in the range of 55 to 75 dB and above this range. Here in the case of  Germguardian AC 9400W   noise level at low-speed setting falls near a slight noisy range(40db) according to data below. At high speed, it touches to 60 dB which is high noisy level. If you want to enjoy some silent purifiers you should go for more efficient noise level machines like Winix WAC 9500(26db) or Levoit LV H 135(26db).  

The following comparison will be effective for your understanding and good conception;

  •  Decibel(dB)                      Sound equivalent
  • 0dB                                     Normal hearing threshold
  • 30dB                                  Library talking/whispering
  • 60dB                                  Normal conversation/slight noisy
  • 70dB                                  Vacuum Cleaner
  • 90dB                                  Lawnmower

Customer Services:

Germguardian  is the most popular brand in the purifiers products line. It is only due to its gorgeous look, low price range as well as good customer services that it has received bulk reviews. Germguardian appreciates you for purchasing its product a second time and also gives a 10-20% discount for each purchase.

GermguardianProducts come with a 1-5 year warranty that varies from product to product. Company will favour you any malfunctioning of the unit during this period. Warranty duration for Germguardian AC9400W is 3 years. 

You can also contact Germguardian through email at [email protected] or through cell# 866-603-5900 from Monday to Friday.

True HEPA filter for reducing allergens to clean air up tp 99.97%.
Slight loudly at high speed
Air quality indicatorHigh filter change cost
High CADR rating
360 filtration system
3 years warranty
Programmable timer options set for 12 hours

Final Verdict:

  The Germguardian AC 9400W is an attractive purifier with white column shape triangular appearance. A unique feature of air quality indicator and 360 air purification system helps to eliminate airborne effectively. Also, its area coverage is great(400sq.ft.)You can also use Germguardian AC5900WCA  for large area coverage with less price.


Brand Name: Germguardian

Product Name:AC9400W


Lowest Noise Level= 40db

Powder Consumption=48W

Dimension=12 x 12 x 28 inches ; 18.08 pounds

Warranty=3 years

Customers rating=4.5 ratings out of 5

Filter replacement duration=HEPA(6-8 months)

Room Coverage=402 sq.ft


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