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Hamilton Beach 04384

As a pets owner you have to face everlasting issues of hair, dander and odor.if you want to avoid these issues then Hamilton Beach 04384 is the best option for you that remove pets hair, fur and other allergens up to 0.3 microns.

This purifier gets high ratings(above 3000)which show customers confidence on this device. Most of the customers like it due to less price portable functionality. Some customers comments that after usage of this device for a few days we recover from sneezing and allergy symptoms.

This cheap purifier is best fitted for small to medium room. Bad air enters in it from the front and after purification clean air comes out from sides. Thus by making particular angles, it purifies 99% unhygienic air.

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Hamilton Beach 04384 PurifierDesign And Display Of Hamilton Beach 04384

 04384 model of  Hamilton Beach Air compact air purifier has a white color body similar to Hamilton beach 04383 and compact design. This purifier is easily adjustable anywhere in room space.You can place hamilton beach  on table top or in a rack.
Control panel of this purifier consists of simple dial button that can be adjusted at different modes.
On moving from left to right of control panel of hamilton beach,at left there is Off/ON button for turn this machine ON and OFF. Next is whisper clean button. By this we can set purifier speed at lowest mode at night hence you can sleep without disturbance in clean air. Next are MED and Quick clean modes.By these we can increase speed of hamilton beach for powerful cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 04384 Purifier

Hamilton Beach 04384 Purifier

Filter and maintenance:

This device consists of a permanent true HEPA filter that can be vacuumed out hence no effect on your budget. Like other advanced type purifiers, Hamilton beach 04384 consists of 3 stage filtration system.

Pre-filter: Pre-filter captures pets hair, dander and other small particles

Activated carbon filter: Two replaceable zeolite carbon filters for better efficiency of odor removal and other small particles removal. Due to the zeolite carbon filter, it makes a difference between Hamilton Beach 04386A and Himton beach 04384

HEPA filter: A permanent filter true HEPA filter that can remove 99% pets allergens. Being permanent so no need to replace this filter as it is easily cleaned by vacuum cleaner and brush.

An interesting thing to mention here is that Hamilton Beach  04384 can be used both horizontallyand vertically. If the height of your shelf is less, you can use it horizontally without a stand.If there is sufficient space you can use this purifier in a vertical direction.

Airflow from front to back. You can easily open this purifier from the front side in order to clean it.Also, you can clean this device from the back without any effort. Its HEPA filter cannot wash. you may clean the filter and purifier overall only with a vacuum cleaner.


  • HEPA filter with the ability to remove pets hair, dander and odor 
  • Low price purifier
  • Adjustable in small spaces of a room
  • Low noise device


  • Lack of advance features
  • Can remove particles up to 2-3 microns
  • One year warranty only

Bottom line

Due to simplicity with affordable price we add this purifier in our best air purifier for pets list.Hamilton Beach 04384 is a very affordable and compact air purifier. This purifier provides protection against pets hair, dander and bad smells. Maintenance and cleaning of Hamilton 04384 is very simple. If you are patient of allergy or asthma,you can keep it in your preference.

It is simple with less budget and low maintenance air purifier that can be adjusted anywhere in the room with and without a stand. Its three-stage filtration system keeps the air clean and free from pets dander, fur and other allergens.Living in a small apartment this device is a wonderful gift for you with smart money

Hamilton Beach 04384

Hamilton Beach 04384

Hamilton Beach (04386) air purifier:

If you love black color then this purifier is the best option for colour-conscious hamilton members. This purifier is a counterpart of Hamilton Beach 04384 with same area coverage like 04384 with one difference is it has no carbon filter to remove obtrusive odors of pets. Due to the simple and compact shape, Hamilton beach 04386 can be adjustable anywhere in the room even in small spaces. You can adjust its simple knob at three speeds i.e low, medium and high.HEPA filter of this device provides protection against pet hair, dander and other allergens.

Hamilton Beach (04383A) air purifier:

Hamilton Beach 04383A is the brother of Hamilton Beach 04384 with the same white color and compact body. Its true HEPA filter has the ability to capture pets dander and fur about 99.97%. Don’t worry about its cleanliness as the filter of this machine is easily cleaned with a brush and can be vacuumed. This model of purifier covers some more area space i.e 160sq.ft whereas hamilton beach 04384 covers 140sq.ft.area.Due to a compact and smart shape you can use Hamilton Beach 04383A in two directions  i.e vertically and horizontally. Whisper clean option is helpful for quiet operation at night and medium or quick clean option can be used for powerful cleaning at day time.


Hamilton Beach 04384 Purifier

Hamilton Beach 04384 Purifier

Hamilton Beach 04384 Purifier

Hamilton Beach 04384 Purifier