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Honeywell HFD310 Review

Honeywell is one of the top popular American companies engaged in producing Humidifiers, thermostats,air purifiers and smart home security appliances since 1906. Honeywell purifiers have received a large number of reviews and positive feedback due to continuous improvement in its product line.

Maximum brands of Honeywell purifiers show diversity in design and outstanding working.

Some brands are available in small and portable form, some in tower shape designs. Also, some brands of Honeywell are well-known due to their ability to remove allergies and microscopic pollutants.

All Honeywell purifiers have different filtration layers. Some have ifD filtration layers for removing fine allergens some has common  Pre-filter, Carbon filter and HEPA filter layers also some has ionizer along with other layers. Thus making air up to 99.97% free from germs and other allergens.

Honeywell HPA 300 is a winner in the eyes of customers due to quick relief in allergy and asthma. Another purifier of this family is Honeywell 50250S  which we also added in our 10 best air purifiers list also receive many reviews due to its small size and attractive look. 

Honeywell is renowned in producing the following popular series;

  • Allergens Remover Series  (e.g HPA 100,HPA 200,HPA 300)
  • Air Genius Series   (e.g HFD 280B,HFD 300,HFD 310,HFD 320,HFD 360B,17000-S,50150-N,50250-S)
  • Tower design series  (e.g HFD 120-Q, Quiet Clean HFD 110, HEPAClean HHT-090)
  • Small and compact series  (e.g HHT 011, HFD 010)

====>> In a rush visit some most trusted and popular brands are given along with area coverage comparison.

Honeywell HFD 310:

Honeywell HFD 310 relates to the Air Genius 4 series of Honeywell which is famous for designing column-shaped air purifiers.

The Honeywell HFD 310 purifier is the younger brother of Honeywell HFD 320 and upgraded to one Honeywell HFD 360 but a big brother of Honeywell HFD 300.

The Air Genius series consists of ifD filter(Intense Field Dielectric) rather than True HEPA filter and removes small particles and allergens more efficiently by cleaning the room up to 99.99% and trapping allergens to 0.3 microns whereas True HEPA filter has cleaning ability up to 99.97%.

Also, ifD filter has advantages over the HEPA filter as it is lifetime, washable and low noise whereas HEPA filter has to be replaced after a specific duration and gives some noise.

Bad air enters from the backside of Honeywell HPA 310 whereas clean air comes out from the front side of the grilled column.

Honeywell HFD 310

Honeywell HFD 310

Let us read the below description under following headings;

1). Design and functionality 
2). Air purification system 
3). CADR and ACH rating
4). Effect on electricity 
5). Noise level 
6). Customer services 
7). Verdict 
8). Features 

1-Design And Functionality of  Honeywell Genius 4 :

Honeywell HFD 310 has a sleek black grilled body with dimensions 30.3 x 12.1 x 12.3 inches and 8.05 lb weight.Apparently its looks like honeywell genius 5  purifier with same black color and column shape body.Touchable soft control panel located at top of column-like a body that consists of multiple functions. 

Below the mid of the control panel, there is an ON/OFF button for closing and starting the machine. Above it, there are 4 LED purification levels. At 1 number, it can be set to sleep mode for quiet sleep at night. Number 2 at the mid is customized for general cleaning. Number 3 is optimized for allergens and effective during allergy and asthma conditions.finally Number 4 is Max mode optimized for odor reduction.

Honeywell HFD 310

Honeywell HFD 310

On the right side, there is a soft button with a clock sign. It contains a 2,4,8 hours LED automatic shut off timer option meaning the machine automatically shut down after working a specific time period.

Above it is the “check filter option which guides you on the expiry filter. Below this is the OK button. On replacing filter press it, LED light will turn off means filter is in ok position. 

At the extreme right side, there is a soft button with a bulb image, marked with ”High “and ”low“.Purpose of this bulb image button is to control the accent light at the bottom of the purifier or in simple words to guide in a dark pathway at night.

Below this is an Oscillate button with a round arrow sign. By pressing it fan oscillates or moves in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction for more efficient cleaning.

Honeywell HFD 310

Honeywell HFD 310

Latest Price On Amazon:

In our site here is given following price ranges of purifiers.You can buy the product according to your capacity.

  • $200 or below
  • $200 to $400
  • More than $400

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2-Air Purification System:

Honeywell HFD 310 purifier has  2 stage purification system consisting of Preliminary Filter and ifD filter rather than HEPA filter. This strong purification system clean the room contamination up to 99.9% down to 0.3 microns. Carbon filter that is also attached with ifD filter helps to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Honeywell HFD 310

Honeywell HFD 310

  • Pre-Filter: Preliminary filter captures large particles like pet hair and other large-size allergens. This filter is washable, making performance for the better. For removal odor unpleasant smells an activated carbon filter is attached.
  • ifD Filter:ifD(Intense Field Dielectric) filter of Honeywell AirGenius 4 captures small particles like pollen, mold, dust and pet dander. It is a permanent filter and washable hence save money of filter replacement. Wash the filter after three months as filter check button reminds you approx after every 3 months.

3-CADR And ACH Rating:

Area coverage for Honeywell HFD 310 is 250sq.ft.So it is best suitable for medium to large spaces like large bedrooms, living room or conference room. This area coverage is the same as its big brother Honeywell HFD 320 (250 sq. ft.)and slight low than Honeywell HFD 360 (260 sq. ft.).

Clean air delivery rate(CADR) rating for this purifier for Dust(160), Pollen(170cfm) and Smoke is(161cfm).Time is taken by this purifier to clean the 250 sq.ft area is noticed as 12 minutes.

Honeywell HFD 310

Honeywell HFD 310

ACH(Air change per hour) rating tells us how much time an appliance takes to clean a room. This ACH rating is determined by “X” multiplied by the number of times air exchange through the purifier. For Honeywell HFD 310, the rating is 5X means it has the ability to clean the room air 5 times per hour. Air exchange through this purifier after every 12 minutes.

4-Effect On Electricity:

Two most frequent questions that customers ask during purchasing air purifier;

  • For what time span should air purifier be used?
  • How much electricity does an air purifier utilize?

Our loyal advice is to read the energy specs from the manual before purchase or use of the purifier. Secondly, some purifiers have sensor options so these purifiers automatically detect air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

Purifiers which have no sensor like in this case of Honeywell HFD 310, it has an option of timer. You can set time for 2,4 or 8 hours according to your satisfaction until the room clean completely.

For your knowledge;

One unit electricity = 1 KW (1000 watts)/per one hr.

The formula for monthly electricity usage and per month electricity cost is;

Monthly Electricity Usage = (Air Purifiers rated Power x Daily usage in an hour)/1000 x 30) kWh month

Monthly Electricity Cost = Monthly Electricity Usage x Energy charges per kWh in USD

In the case of Honeywell HFD 310, energy consumption is 38 Watts(rated power). If you use this machine continuously for almost 12 hours, then multiply 38 by 12 and divide by 1000watts. Multiply the remaining figure by 30 for the monthly this way, monthly power utilization will find out.   = 38*12/1000=0.456*30=13.68 KWatts per month

To find out monthly electricity cost multiply monthly consumption by the unit cost of electricity. (Suppose if unit cost is $2) =13.68 * 2=37.3 cents/kWh per month

5-Noise Level:

Noise and sound levels of a purifier are calculated in decibels (dB). All purifiers have reasonable sound(not very loud), especially when compared with refrigerator or window AC. The quietest air purifiers fall in the range of dB rating of 15-35 at the low fan speed, whereas moderate ones in the range of 35 to 55 and the loudest purifiers in the range of 55 to 75 dB and above this range. Here in the case of  Honeywell HFD 310 noise level falls in the quiet range. This purifier is quiet at levels 1 and 2(“sleep”, “germ”) but slightly loud at levels 3, and 4. Also due to ifD filter technology, the fan remains in silence position than HEPA filter.

6-Customer Services:

Honeywell is the most popular brand in the purifiers products line. It is only due to its loyal customers’ services that it has received bulk reviews. Honeywell gives you community reward for purchasing its product which will facilitate your next purchase.

 Honeywell HPA 200 comes with a 5-year warranty. This is, no doubt, a wide-ranging time for a claim declaration.

You can also contact Honeywell through cell phone at 847-701-3038, or via email at [email protected] from Monday to Friday.

7-Final Verdict:

 Honeywell  HFD 310 is an attractive purifier with column shape appearance. Also, it uses ifD filter rather than HEPA filter that captures airborne 99.9% rather than HEPA filter that traps 99.97%.If you want to enjoy the benefits of other purifiers in this range or below this range then Honeywell HPA 300 is the best choice.

Washable pre-filter and ifD filters Absence of auto mode and air quality sensor
3 Timer options for 2,4 and 8 hours CADR rating is low
Warranty 5 Years
4 LED purification levels


Color                Black

Brand Name    Honeywell 

Product Name Genius 4  HFD 310

Dimension     30.3 x 12.1 x 12.3 inches

Weight             8.05 lb 

Noise Level    Level 3 and 4, are loud, but levels 1 and 2(“sleep” and “general”) are quiet

Customers review   3.7 out of 5.0 (Rating >250)

Warranty         5Years

Energy  usage   38 Watts

Room Coverage:        250 sq.ft.

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