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If you are infected by allergy or asthma due to pets dander, germs or dust then honeywell hpa 300 best buy is a good choice for safeguard against these germs and infections.

Honeywell is famous for making different sizes and ranges of products. Some products are with permanent filters and others are without filters. High rating of Honeywell HPA 300 shows that it is the best model in these product lines. Due to product diversity, this model gains above 3000 rating.

This machine has excellent ability to remove pet hair, fur and germ due to 3 cleaning levels and turbo cleaning mode. So air is cleaned about 99.97% by turbo action of hpa 300 machines.

AS it is clear in the honeywell hpa 300 review, this purifier is designed and suited for large spaces about 465 sq.ft.It is best suited for dining rooms, large living rooms, bedrooms, basements and also for living rooms attached to kitchens.

Power consumption of Honeywell HPA 300 is on the higher side i.e  40 watts to 130 watts depending on fan speed adjustment. As it covers large areas and for the large room spaces, the fan has to exert extra force. If we see the benefit of this purifier, this energy consumption is negligible.

Here is given below:

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifiers

Design and display filter

Pros & cons




 These will help you to make a good selection by making the differentiation.

Design And Display Of Honeywell HPA 300:

Honeywell HPA 300 is beautifully designed with rounded edges with black grilled plastic body like honeywell true hepa air purifier hpa 100At the top central position, there is an advanced control panel consisting of multiple functions. The polluted air moves in from the front side of this purifier and a fresh one comes out from the top.

Easy Tap interface of control panel consists of following Unique functions:

  1. The dimmer
  2. The Turbo setting
  3. The Allergen, General Clean, and Germ settings
  4. The power icon
  5. 2 electronic filter change reminders
  6. The Auto shut off timer

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier

Starting from the right side there is a dimmer icon. Some people like a purifier that has light with no distraction, especially during movie and sleep time. So this purifier fulfils the requirement of less distraction light. Dimmer slows down light brightness by pressing once, second pressing turned off light and third pressing returns brightness to high intensity.

The second icon is Turbo which has the functionality to increase the cleaning and odor removing ability. By pressing once LED shows illumination by the second press machine returns to its previous form. By turbo, mode air passes through the machine after every 12 minutes so people suffering from asthma and allergies are cured more quickly.

There is Allergen, General Clean, and Germ settings.”Allergen” mode of Honeywell HPA 300 is customized for trapping bacteria,virus and other allergens and is effective during allergy season.”General clean” option is optimized for everyday purification and “Germ” mode is optimized for killing germs. It is effective for fighting seasonal cold and flu and other pulmonary infections. Furthermore, at Germ mode speed becomes slow and at Turbo mode speed becomes high.

In the centre, there is a leaf-like icon which is actually a power ON/OFF button.LED illuminates and adjusted at Allergen, General Clean, and Germ mode by pressing this power button. You can adjust one of three desired cleaning levels by this mode.

Second last option at the left side is filtered check reminders that remind you of expiry of the filter. When HEPA filter expires, “Check Filters” light illuminate and when pre-filter need to replace, “Check Pre-Filter” option illuminates.

Last feature on the left side of the panel is the timer option containing LED lights.This option helps to automatically turn off the purifier after 2,4 and 8 hours.You need simply adjust the desired time duration by pressing the timer option.

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier

Filter And Maintenance:

It is recommended to clean this purifier at least after every 3 months. Also, clean its grilled body with a dry and soft cloth. Don’t apply polish,wax or chemical on it. As per hpa 300 review, it can clean 0.3-micron particles from the air but due to timely maintenance this frequency is not only maintained, it gives long-lasting results.

As there is a filter change reminder option on the display panel that warns you when the filter needs to be changed by LED lights. Normally HEPA filter needs to be changed after one year and carbon filter after 3 months.

====>> In a rush visit some most trusted and popular brands are given along with area coverage comparison.

Honeywell HPA 300 model is the best purifier to avoid allergy and asthma as it uses 3 fine HEPA filters and one carbon filter.It is necessary to mention here that the majority of purifiers use only one HEPA Filter.

Activated Carbon Filter performs dual functions as it removes pets odor and other volatile smells. It also traps pets hair, fur and dust particles before going to HEPA filters.

HEPA Filters: Three HEPA filters capture fine particles of mold, spores, bacteria, virus and other allergens that cause asthma and allergy. Thus clean air up to 99.97%.

Three HEPA filters are used in this purifier for excessive cleanliness. These are available in different packings sometimes one packing contains one piece of HEPA.

Some time sellers offer two pieces in a single pack. similarly, seller sells three pieces in on is the best solution to purchase complete packing with three pieces.

For your guidance, honeywell hpa300 air purifier filter pack value kit is the ultimate solution to match it.

As a money-saving point of view, it is interesting to know that  Activated charcoal pre filter sheets are also available in the market(Also available on Amazon).You need to just cut this sheet by scissor as per is economically the best option to use precuts and fit in the purifier.

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier


  • Turbo power cleaning option
  • Large area coverage(465 sq.ft.)
  • Three HEPA filters to protect from asthma and allergy
  • 3 Timer options for 2,4 and 8 hours
  • Warranty 5 Years
  • Carbon filter performs 2 functions i.e protects from large particles and from odor
  • Four fan speeds inclusive of Turbo mode


  • Slightly loud sound
  • Price of annual filter change is comparatively high 
  • Absence of auto mode and air quality sensor

Bottom line

Best air purifier for asthma and allergy. Honeywell hpa 300 is prominent in the product line with large area coverage and excellent cleaning against small particles up to 0.3-micron.

Honeywell hpa 300 is an impressive air purifier with large area coverage as other same shape honeywell electronic air cleaner models. Strong filtration system like consisting of three HEPA filters and one activated carbon filter provides strong protection against germs.82% customers are satisfied about its latest functions.12% however, complain about bit loud noise and absence of auto mode and UV light. But if you compare benefits, this machine has versatile functionality. Also if you are suffering from severe allergy problems due to pets,honeywell hpa 300 is the best to provide relief from allergy and protect you from severity.If you want to purify more area(>500sq.ft) you should use whole house air purifier  like blue air classic 605.

Latest Price On Amazon:

In our site here is given following price ranges of purifiers.You can buy the product according to your capacity.

  • $200 or below
  • $200 to $400
  • More than $400

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Honywell HPA 300 VS Coway 1512 HH mighty:

Both models differ in the filtration process and area coverage. Coway trap pets dander,odor and large particles with the help of ionizer HEPA filter and activated carbon filters whereas Honeywell use only. Air quality indicator is outstanding characteristics that automatically detects air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly. whereas Honeywell has no such function. Turbo clean system of Honeywell provides quick relief in allergy and asthma disease. Furthermore, area coverage for Coway 1512 is less(360 sq.ft.)whereas for Honeywell it is 465 sq.ft.

Honeywell HPA300 VS Winix 5500-2:

Most of the features of both winix 5500-2 and Honeywell HPA 300 are similar like color, timer option and four-speed options.Winix has a remote control option that attracts most customers. Also, winix has auto mode option that adjusts the speed of the fan according to quality of room air.Honeywell, on the other hand, covers a large area of 465 sq ft. Also strong filtration of Honeywell(consisting of 3 HEPA filters and one carbon filter has an extra edge over other purifiers as it cleans germ strongly.

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier

Honeywell-hpa-300 air purifier