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Levoit LV PUR 131S Review

Levoit is a very famous and trusted brand that originates from California and rapidly spread all over the world due to its attractive look and affordable budget range. By proper marketing and positive feedback,levoit products have made a great place in Germany, Japan and China after southern California.

Levoit technology has been engaged in making diversified products like humidifiers, Vacuum cleaner, salt lamps and purifiers for many years and winning awards continuously.

All Levoit purifiers have 3 common filtration layers(including Pre-filter, Carbon filter and HEPA filter) with the ability to clean small microorganisms, large pollutants as well as bad odors. Thus making air up to 99.97% free from germs and other allergens.

Two Levoit purifiers Levoit PUR 131 and Levoit LVH 132 are winners in the eyes of customers due to quick relief in allergy and asthma.

===> In a rush check the list of some most demanding Levoit brands with area coverage comparison.

Levoit LV PUR 131S  (322 sq.ft.)     Levoit vista 200      (170 sq.ft.)

Levoit HV-H 133         (538 sq.ft.)    Levoit Core 300      (215 sq.ft.)

Levoit LV-H 135          (463 sq.ft.)    Levoit LV-H  126       (161sq.ft.)

Levoit LV-H 132          (129 sq.ft.)     Levoit LV PUR 131(322 sq.ft.)

Levoit LV PUR 131 S:

Due to increasing demand and award-winning appreciation, Levoit technologists introduced an advanced version of LV PUR 131 that is Levoit PUR 131 S.

This model of Levoit has a specific feature of Wifi connectivity. Download sync App from Alexa App or google assistant and control all functions of Levoit PUR 131S through mobile.

Like most other purifiers fan speed can be customized to low, medium and high. Similarly, auto mode adjusts fan speed according to the quality of the room environment. Sleep mode of Levoit helps to keep the fan speed at the lowest level at night.

Unlike other purifiers that can adjust for only 3 time periods, Levoit LV PUR 131 S has a choice to set it at any time from 1-12 hours.

An attractive feature of LV PUR 131 S is that through vsync App, the life of the filter can be easily calculated. This is, obviously, a unique benefit of wifi connectivity of this model.

Levoit LV PUR 131S

Levoit LV PUR 131S

Let us read the below description under following headings;

1). Design and functionality 
2). Air purification system 
3). CADR and ACH rating
4). Effect on electricity 
5). Noise level 
6). Customer services 
7). Verdict 
8). Features 


1-Design And Functionality:

Levoit LV PUR 131S  has a white body with a control panel(Black) located at the top side. This purifier is easy to move due to handle like grip containing control panel and grill.If we look at its dimensions these are 14.5(W) x 18.5(H) x 7.2(D) inch and by weight, it is 15.8 lbs.

Control panel of Levoit LV PUR 131S consists of an ON/OFF button on the left side, for starting and closing the machine. On the right side, there is a Timer button that can be set for 12 hours. Next is the fan speed button. You can set fan speed for low, medium and high modes. Next to its auto mode. By auto mode, your purifier automatically detects air quality and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. In the centre, there is air quality indicator that changes its LED light by detecting the air condition.4 colors are displayed by it depending on air condition i.e

(Red=Bad air,Yellow=Moderate,Green=Good,Blue=Very Good)

Next is a sleep mode that keeps the LED dim and the fan speed low at night. Second, the last button is the displayed button. By pressing it light becomes OFF while the machine is in operating condition. Last is the ON/OFF button.

Leviit PUR 131S

Levoit PUR 131S

2-Air Purification System:

The 3 stage filtration system of Levoit LV PUR 131S  consists of a Pre-Filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter.It is considered as best hepa air purifier like Levoit LV PUR 131 that helps to eliminate contamination up to 99.97% due to its specific structure. Through the Vsync app, you can take the idea of filter change by noticing countdown percent from 100% to 0%. An indication showing zero %age means you need to check the filter and make a decision whether to change or not. After changing the filter press reset button means purifier is in running position.

Levoit PUR 131 S

Levoit PUR 131 S

  • Pre-Filter: Pre-filter captures large particles like pet hair, fur and other large-size allergens.By this life of next filters like carbon and HEPA filter is prolonged. This Pre-Filter is attached to a True HEPA filter.
  • True-HEPA filter: Small microorganisms like virus, bacteria, fungi, and mold are trapped in this filter thus cleaning room air up to 99.97%
  • Activated Carbon filter: Carbon filter is there for removing the obtrusive odor of your pets, kitchen, VOC, smoking and unwanted smell of your room.

Latest Price On Amazon:

In our site here is given following price ranges of purifiers.You can buy the product according to your capacity.

  • $200 or below
  • $200 to $400
  • More than $400

For latest price of this purifier,Press this button.

Latest Price

3-CADR And ACH Rating:

CADR rating for this purifier for Dust (135 cfm, Pollen (135 cfm) and Smoke (135cfm).So this purifier is best suitable for a medium to a large room.

Levoit PUR 131S

Due to strong fan speeds, area coverage of this purifier is 16 feet by 20 feet)almost 322 sq.ft.

Air exchange through this purifier after every 15 minutes.

This is the average area coverage. Using this purifier in small areas provides excellent performance. Air passes through this purifier after 30 minutes.

ACH(Air change per hour) rating tells us how much time an appliance takes to clean a room.This ACH rating is determined by “X” multiplied by the number of times air exchange through the purifier. For Levoit LV H 131S, the rating is 2X means it has the ability to clean the room air 2 times per hour.

4-Effect On Electricity:

Two most frequent questions that customers ask during purchasing air purifier;

  • For what time span should air purifier be used?
  • How much electricity does an air purifier utilize?

Our loyal advice is to read the energy specs from the manual before purchase or use of the purifier. Secondly, some purifiers have sensor options so these purifiers automatically detect air quality and adjust the fan speed in this case of Levoit Pur 131-S which have air quality indicators that can detect bad, moderate and good air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

For your knowledge;

One unit electricity = 1 KW (1000 watts)/per one hr.

The formula for monthly electricity usage and per month electricity cost is;

Monthly Electricity Usage = (Air Purifiers rated Power x Daily usage in an hour)/1000 x 30) kWh month

Monthly Electricity Cost = Monthly Electricity Usage x Energy charges per kWh in USD

In the case of  Levoit Pur 131-S, energy consumption is 40 Watts(rated power). If you use this purifier continuously for almost 12 hours, then multiply 40 by 12 and divide by 1000watts. Multiply the remaining figure by 30 for the monthly cost.In this way, monthly power utilization will find out.  = 40*12/1000=0.48*30=14.4 KWatts per month

To find out monthly electricity cost, multiply monthly consumption by the unit cost of electricity. (Suppose if unit cost is $1.7) =14.4 * 1.7=24.48 cents/kWh per month.

5-Noise Level:

Noise and sound levels of a purifier are calculated in decibels (dB). All purifiers have reasonable sound(not very loud), especially when compared with refrigerator or window AC. The quietest air purifiers fall in the range of dB rating of 15-35 at the low fan speed, whereas moderate ones in the range of 35 to 55 and the loudest purifiers in the range of 55 to 75 dB and above this range. Here in the case of  Levoit Pur 131-S  noise level falls near the quiet range according to data below. If you want to enjoy some more efficient noise level,levoit LVH 133(25db) is the best choice. 

The following comparison will be effective for your understanding and good conception;

       Decibel(dB)                    Sound equivalent

  • 0dB                                    Normal hearing threshold
  • 30dB                                  Library talking/whispering
  • 60dB                                  Normal conversation/slight noisy
  • 70dB                                  Vacuum Cleaner
  • 90dB                                  Lawnmower

6-Customer Services:

Levoit is the most popular brand in the purifiers products line. It is only due to its loyal customers’ services that it has received bulk reviews. Levoit gives you community reward for purchasing its product which will facilitate your next purchase.

Levoit Pur 131-S comes with a 1-year warranty. If you want to take advantage of the warranty extension, you can register freely. You have to submit a request. Levoit will give you a favour for extending the warranty.

You can also contact Levoit through cell phone at 888-726-8520, or via email at [email protected] from Monday to Friday.

Levoit PUR 131 S

Levoit PUR 131 S

Wifi connectivity
CADR for dust,pollen and smoke is not very high
HEPA filter to reduce small particles up to 0.3 microns
Limited 2 years warranty
3 fan speeds(Low,Medium andHigh)
Air quality indicator+Auto mode
Programmable 1-12 hrs timer option

7-Final Verdict:

  Levoit LV Pur 131-S is an attractive purifier with a white rectangular shape appearance having an easy-grip handle like LV-PUR 131. A unique feature of Wifi connectivity helps you to control this machine remotely. Its smart sensor detects the air quality automatically. So overall its is the best purifier with smart functions.


Brand Name: Levoit

Product Name: Smart Wifi Levoit LV PUR 131S


Lowest Noise Level=27db

Powder Consumption=40W

Dimension=21.6 x 17.5 x 10 inches,15.2 pounds

Warranty=1 year, extendable to one more year

Customers rating=Above 3000 reviews,4.5 ratings out of 5

Filter replacement duration=6 months

Room Coverage=322 sq.ft

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