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Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

From many years Levoit has become a trustworthy brand among the purifier users due to its functionality. This purifier also has a true HEPA filter that can remove allergies, pet dander,odor and also dust particles. Due to the 3 phases of purification levels (i.e pre-filter, HEPA refining filter as well as  carbon filter), it can purify room air up to 99.97%.

As far as energy consumption is concerned, it takes only 35 watts. Thus by running 24/7, it has no burden on electricity bills as it is certified by energy star.

CADR of Levoit is 131cfm for pollen,101 for dust and 106 for a smoke. With these specs, this purifier takes more than one hour to clean a room of 300 sq.ft.

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  Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

Design and Display panel of Levoit LV-PUR

If we talk about the appearance of Levoit LV-PUR 131, this machine has a shape of the rectangular box unlike Levoit   LV-H 132 which is a cylindrical shape. Touch button interface of the control panel consists of a horizontal row of six buttons. if we move from left to right of the control panel there is touchable ON/OFF button for starting and shut down the machine. The second last button is the display button(having a sign of eye). By pressing it to display, panel lights will be closed whereas the machine remains operating. Next button is sleep mode. On pressing it fan speed becomes low which provide a peaceful sleep.

In the centre of Levoit LV-PUR131 there is a digital display also called AQ sensor(air quality sensor). if air quality is bad, the digital indicator will show a red light, if Moderate then yellow light appears, if Good green light will be visible. if the room has very good air quality, blue attractive light will appear.

The fourth button adjacent to the AQ sensor is an auto mode. If room air is bad and polluted Auto mode will be activated if good this mode will be deactivated. Next is the speed button. By this fan speed can be adjusted (low, medium and high)At extreme right there is timer option is timer button. You can set time from 1 to 12 hours(by each press, one hour increase)If you remove timer option, press this button for a long time until the appearance of 3 times flashes of the display.

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

===> In a rush check the list of some most demanding Levoit brands with area coverage comparison.

Levoit LV PUR 131S  (322 sq.ft.)     Levoit vista 200      (170 sq.ft.)

Levoit HV-H 133         (538 sq.ft.)    Levoit Core 300      (215 sq.ft.)

Levoit LV-H 135          (463 sq.ft.)    Levoit LV-H  126       (161sq.ft.)

Levoit LV-H 132          (129 sq.ft.)     Levoit LV PUR 131(322 sq.ft.)

Filter and maintenance:

Keep an air purifier at a place where it can capture air easily. For air crossing purpose it is better to leave some spare area around it.Avoiding from scratching,clean the purifier with soft cloth and  blower. Filters are not washable so replace after expiry.

Filtration system of Levoit LV-PUR131 consists of three filters.First filter is fine mesh Pre-filter. Second is a True HEPA filter that captures bacteria, dander and other germs. The third one is an activated carbon filter that removes nasty odors of pets and household smells. The true HEPA filter and fine pre-filter are attached together. After changing the filters push reset button indicating purifier is in running position. It is recommended to replace the Levoit air purifier LV PUR 131 replacement filter after every 6 months. All three filters are low budgeted and hence affordable.

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  • 3 Stage filtration system
  • A true HEPA filter with lifetime of 6 months,carbon filter with 6 months and Pre-filter also 6 months 
  • Noise level below 52 Decible
  • 3 Fan speeds I.e low,medium and high
  • Air quality indicator
  • Timer option set for 1-12 hours


  • NO remote control hence not synchronized with smartphone
  • NO child lock
  • Not easily move to other place
  • NO more colors
  • Warranty 2 years only whereas competing brands offers 5 years warranty
  • Due to touch interface,there is difficulty to operate unit at night

Bottom line

Levoit LV-PUR 131 is best value air purifier like LV PUR 131S with same attractive air quality indicator and auto mode technology.3 stage filtration system(with True HEPA filter,Carbon and Pre-filter)has the ability to clean the room atmosphere up to 99.97%This machine has the ability to clean medium to large room.

Levoit  LV-PUR131S:

Levoit  LV-PUR131S An advanced version of levoit family. You can use a smartphone to handle its functions remotely.You need no worry at night to search its touch buttons blindly as it has a voice control option by which you can control its sensor by just speaking. Also, you can turn on or off at any time period by timer option. When your purifier filter become expired? you can calculate filter life by vesyns application. By Honeycomb active carbon HEPA filter in addition to pre-filter and carbon filter, you can take 30% more efficiency of cleaning the room. So if you are searching for some advanced purifier then LV-PUR 131 S is the best option due to advanced options. For medium range with less budget, you should attempt Levoit LV-H 132 air purifier or Levoit LV H 135 air purifier. For low range check below mention Levoit LV-H 126.

Levoit LV-H 126

If you want simple and cheap purifier in levoit family,Levoit LV-H 126 is the best choice. It is a desktop air purifier with 3 attractive colors (beige, black and blue).This device is fabricated with 3 common filters at back side. Pre-filter attached with activated carbon filter and the third one is a true-HEPA filter to remove small allergens up to 0.3 microns with small area coverage(161 sq ft). This small size but the large function has the ability to purify the air up to 99.9% .3 fan speeds can be adjusted by knob and filter change wheel is on the backside.

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-PUR 131 Air Purifier