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What Are The Best Air Purifiers For Pets In COVID-19?

SARS-CoV-2 ( causing COVID-19) is transferred mostly from infected person to other body through air or touch.So in order to avoid it you should use some protective shields like masks or purifiers.

If you go out of home,use an N 95 mask as it blocks viruses effectively.When at home you should prefer Air Purifiers.Use air purifier that contain HEPA filters.As HEPA Filter has ability to capture as small as 0.015 microns.Size of COVID-19 is 0.125 microns so this filter can easily block this virus.

Here are some best suggested purifieres in COVID-19,

1-Blue Air Classic 605 Air Purifier

2-Honeywell HPA300

3-Winix 5300-2

4-Coway AP HH


Blue Air Classic 605 Air Purifier:

if you are fed up with Corona like germs and other virtual small airborne then a blueair classic 605 air purifier is the best choice. This powerful machine is designed for large areas (605-775 sq.ft.)and

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

cleans effectively hidden germs that are harmful for your pets. So it is no wrong to say that it is one of the best air purifier for pets.

The display panel shows 3 simple but highly customization options. At the left of the control panel of blueair 605, there is a wifi button that is connected with your mobile. If your room is dusty, you can control purifier remotely without entering the the middle, there is a fan speed button which consists of 3 bars enclosed in a circle showing fan speed. if the fan speed is low that indicates low dusty environment then one bar shows blue light. if medium, two bar glow blue. Similarly if fan speed high due to excessive dust,three-bar shows blue glowing. So you can set the fan speed of blueair 605 according to the dusty condition of your room.

On the right side of the control panel of blueair 605 there is a filter change button.If there is an indication of blue color enclosed in a grey circle boundary then no need of filter replacement. if the color of this button become orange then filter replacement can clean this purifier by a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the filter It will sustain the running effectiveness of this filter.

An impressive feature of blueair 605 is that it has an ionizer option that creates clouds of negative ions that trap the smallest airborne particles thus capturing airborn up to 99.97% down to 0.1 microns.

Honeywell HPA300:

Another well known purifier against virus,bacteria and other microorganisms is Honeywell HPA 300.Honeywell HPA 300 earn popularity due to its unique shape and medicated functionality.

Honeywell HPA 300 purifier

Honeywell HPA 300 purifier

CADR or clean air delivery rate for pollen is 320 cfm for smoke and pollen is 300 cfm.This machine has 3 stage filtration system containing pre filter containing carbon filter and HEPA filter.Pre-filter of HPA 300 captures pets dander,fur also pets odor due to carbon filter in it.Small particles of size 0.3micron are trapped by true HEPA filter.Thus room atmosphere is cleaned 99.97% due to these filters.

As for room coverage is concerned,this purifier clean room about 465sq.ft.(21*22 feet).it is  no doubt a wide space.Most of consumers take advantage of its large area coverage feature and use in more wide areas than recommended smaller to medium spaces its efficiency is more admirable.

This purifier comes with a remarkable 5 years warranty.If any bad incident occurs,the company will take responsibility for its maintenance even replacement of faulty part during this period.

Honeywell HPA 300 is beautifully designed with rounded edges with black grilled plastic body.At the top central position there is an advanced control panel that consisting of multiple functions.Polluted air enters from front side and fresh air comes out from top.Air is circulated 5 times per hour this is equal to 12.

Easy Tap interface of control panel consists of following Unique functions:

The dimmer

The Turbo setting

The Allergen, General Clean, and Germ settings

The power icon

Electronic filter change reminders

The Auto shut off timer

Winix 5300-2:

If you are worried about your pets germs,odor and dander then winix 5300-2 is the best choice.With a smart budget it can clean air upto 99.97%.As children and eldry person easily caught allergy due to pets in home,you need no worry now as this purifier has capacity to capture allergens up to 0.3microns.For your convenience we will discuss below its design,filter and maintenance,Pros and cons andwinix-5300-2 features in detail:

Grey color and vertical strips of winix 5300-2 present an attractive look.For operating winix 5300-2 you need to to know and understand its display.The smart sensor bar in the center of winix 5300-2 similar to winix 5500-2 automatically detects the air quality of your room and triggers other parts (like fan speed) of the device to run according to the room atmosphere.If air quaility of room is good,color of air quality bar is blue.when qualilty poor color turns to yellow.if further quality poor,color of LED light converted to red. 

Timer option of winix helps you to adjust time period according to your need.Fan speed of winix 5300-2 can be adjusted to 4 modes i.e Low,medium,high and turbo fan speed according to air flow. 

Winix 5300-2 can be adjusted to sleep and auto mode.Sleep option saves energy whereas sensors remain activated,also protecting you from glaring lights. Like many air purifiers, winix is especially designed with plasmawave this technology positive and negative ions produced that crush down harmful particles like bacteria and VOCs into smallest molecular level particles without emitting ozone.

Coway AP HH:

Coway AP 1512 HH is one of best products that provide relief against pulmonary track diseases and is effective against corona germs that attack on pulmonary system.Due to strong filtration and large area coverage it is considered the best air purifier for large Coway AP-1512HHspaces.

A smart sensor called “ECO Mode” helps to maintain air quality.This sensor automatically detects bad air and purifies it thus providing 99.97% clean air.So you need no worry about pets odor and dander due to modern air quality sensor and auto mode system of this purifier.

This purifier needs no specific placement area for it.As it captures unhygienic air from front and at bottom thus provides fresh air from top so you can place along the wall.

Gorgeous model of coway ap-1512 is a winner of the energy star certificate as it saves electricity.It consumes 4.9~77.8 Watts that make it an energy efficient machine.

It is best used for Living room,Bed room,Dining room,Kitchen,Home offices and small basement area.

 Coway AP 1512 HH is square shape machine with rounded corners that make it charming similar to the icon of computer application.It is available in two colors i.e black and white.It is up to you which color your eyes attract most.

The Smart touch interface of Coway AP-1512HH consists of multiple options.You need no worry when you are not in room as it automatically detects bad quality air,remove contaminants and on purification air it slow down fan speed.

When this purifier is on auto mode and senses clean air for some time period then it is automatically switched to ECO mode option and finally turned off until it again detects bad quality air.This option makes it an energy-efficient purifier

Air ionizer of Coway is a unique and interesting feature.

By consuming electricity it creates a cloud of negatively charged ions that are also known as anions or  electrically charged air molecules.These molecules attracts pets dander,hair or other allergens towards filters of purifier thus clean air up to 0.1 micron.As HEPA filter clean air up to 0.3 micron by attracting allergens towards fan and finally fan pulls these particles on filters.So ionizer option is more smart as it clean tiniest particles in air. 

There is a timer option that can be adjusted for 3 durations i.e 1,4,8 hours.You can set this purifier for any given time duration and after this duration, this machine will be turned OFF automatically.This auto option is beneficial and favourable at night.time or when you are busy and want to avail facility without any disturbance.

Second, last option of  control panel that we understand in coway review is filter Reset option.When filter expires, either HEPA or Carbon filter,one of the two lights show indication.change the filter then press reset means machine is in running position.

At the top right side there is coway air purifier air quality indicator that indicates air condition in the room(good or bad or worst).Blue light gives the indication of good and refined air quality .when light is Purple,air is slightly dirty and red light shows dirty air in the room.We can easily judge the air quality in room and can set timer accordingly.