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Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s Dander, Odor And Hair

If you are pets, lovers, you have to face some situations related to the environment in which the pets are breathing, moving, and touching your body,cloth or bedding.Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

These conditions become irritating when you have a pet  that is very familiar to you but its close relationship causes some itchy eyes with sneezing, an allergic reaction and bad smell or when it moves around in a room, it spreads hair on the floor


Some questions arise in our mind,

  • How can we remain safe from the unhygienic atmosphere?
  • Is there any instrument that can clean the atmosphere according to room size? 
  • If available, what manufacturing cost it bears?

We have resolved these issues by offering an instrument that is called Air Purifier. Here you will find best air purifiers that can easily be available in the market. We will also brief its functionality, Pros and cons in detail.

In this site, we will also discuss air purifiers that can keep the air of your whole house clean. Also, we will show some room air purifiers for rooms of different sizes. 

These purifiers are portable, attractive and cost-effective. These air purifiers not only trap hair, odor and dander but also keep the air clean from dust, pollen and smoke. So we need not worry about the unsafe environment caused by pets.

Pets Air Purifier Buyers Guide:

Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Purifier – A Benevolent Guide

Before buying a purifier you have knowledge about some basics. Having pets owner, our indoor air is more polluted than outdoor. As we spent most of our time in indoor activities at home, So we have to face air which may be contaminated due to pets

The scenario becomes more critical if you have elderly family members at home which have a weak immunity system and caught disease easily. To avoid such drastic conditions You must use an air purifier to keep the air clean and free of diseases.

Pets Survey Chart,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Pets Survey Chart

According to the American pet product association(APPA),AVMA and Simmons Survey, about 53-68% of the population of America contains pets.

Mostly these include dogs and cats 40-50%. So keeping in view these facts and figures, air purifiers exactly meet the needs of the community.

According to AAAI(American Academy Of Allergy And Asthma & Immunology), excessive pets allergens can increase your allergy and asthma problems.

Being a sensible family member, it all depends on you how much you love your pets and family and think about fresh air.

Before Knowing Air Purifiers,You should have general know-how about biochemistry of your pets.Three common unhygienic components that triggers you to buy this device i.e pets Dander, pets hair and pets odor.Here we present for you short but precise knowledge about these components, its side effect and suggest way you should adopt:

What About Pet Dander?

Have you some awareness about pet dander? Pet Dander consists of small skin particles(even microscopic in some cases)of pets which are also very light. Being lightweight they suspend and move to and fro in the air. They pass through the respiratory tract through inhalation or stay on eyes membranes and nose hair. Pets dander,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Some pet dander particles are suspended in air due to less weight in nature and move to other public places like hospitals, schools etc along with human beings.

Dander particles are also attached to furniture, carpet and bedding. At the time of dusting these particles scattered in the atmosphere and can cause different disease. The saliva of animals is also one of the carriers of pet dander that can be collected from pets fur and converted into airborne allergens. Most common allergens is Can f l protein and Can f ll proteins in dog and fel d l  protein from the cat.

Affect of Pet Dander On Human Health and body fitness?

  • Itchy nose, Flue, sneezing and cough
  • Nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing(if you are asthma patient)
  • Red eyes with water
  • Facial pain
  • Red spots on skin and skin rash
  • Eczema

According to AAFA when these allergens are inhaled, cause breath problems within 15-30 min

What To Do?

So in order to avoid such painful conditions, you must think about some precautionary measures that can be best possible by Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s.

Pets Hair:

Pets hair acts as a carrier of allergy, not itself cause allergy.

Some pets owners believe that hair is a source of allergic reactions which has no reality.Pets Hair,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Reality is that it is dander that is bound to hair follicles are the source of infections.

Pets having curly hair cause more allergies than straight because curly hair is an easy carrier of dander and saliva particles.

Affect Of Pet Hair On Human Nature as well as body Health?

Hair spreading around in room feel unpleasant to human and give the impression of uncleanliness

If you are an allergic patient, hair can cause severeness in it especially if it contains allergens.

What Is Best Way?

A pets air purifier is only the best option that can solve the problem of hair mitigation.

Pet Odor:

Pets are loving and loyal animals but they are not fragrant creature.if you are fed up with their odor and feel unpleasant by their debris and odor then air purifier is the best option for you. Air Purifiers can absorb and remove nasty smells as well as germs from the air and keep the room atmosphere clean and health-friendly.

It is very difficult to choose which purifier is economic and diversified. you need to know the following important facts and particulars before buying a purifier.

  • It should be safe for pets
  • How much time does it take to clean the room?
  • Is it give noise that disturbs your sleep?
  • Is it give smell after working 24/7 time period?
  • What is its size, color and weight
  • Is it certified by the Association of home appliance manufacturers(AHAM) and environment protection association
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • what kind of filter used in this purifier
  • Is it protects children, elderly, and respiratory ill persons?

Knowing About Air Purifier Components:

Almost all air purifiers Mainly consist of the following parts,

Fan, Filters, Casing, ON/OFF button, and electrostatic precipitator consisting of a voltage transformer.

Purifier Air flow,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Most Elaborated And Environment-Friendly Part Of Air Purifier-“FILTER”

when you want to buy an air purifier, you will ask shopkeeper about its functionality. The whole working rotates around its filter type.

Prominent and mostly used filters are:

  • Pre-filter
  • True HEPA filter(High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters)
  • Activated carbon filter

Working Mechanism Of An Air Purifier

Unrefined air enters in purifier………………………Purified air comes out

HEPA filter combines with other filters(Pre-Filter) trap pets dander, hair and other small particles. Large particles on passing through Pre-filter and captured by it and moves toward HEPA filter. Small particles like dander are broken down further into the smallest particles by the catalytic reaction in this filter. Similarly, pet odors are trapped in sponge-like pores of the activated carbon filter and removed. Some of these filters can be reused after proper washing and air cleaning. On expiry, you have to replace filter hence this results in increase efficiency of the purifier.

Pre,carbon,HEPA filters,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

10 Best Air Purifiers For Pets – The Best Picks For Your Pets:

Above knowledge will help you to understand the description of below mention best home air purifiers,their efficiency,filters used in it and Pros/cons in it. Hopefully you will enjoy and feel easy to decide which brand should select.


Winix 5500-2-Best Air Purifier For Pets Dander

According to research winix 5500-2 is the best air purifier to protect you from pets allergies and dander. Having a dual filtration system consisting of HEPA and carbon filter, it provides powerful cleaning.

Pets dander and small particles first of all have to face a Pre- Filter of winix that captures these particles.

After that these allergens are captured by plasma wave technology that breaks down particles at the molecular level.

For removal allergens, it has the following technology:Winix 5500-2,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s


  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA filters that have plasma wave technology
  • Pet Hair: Washable Pre-filters for blocking hair
  • Pet Odors: For removal pets odor, it has AOC(Advanced Odor Control) activated carbon filter

If you are fed up by nasty odor of  your pets, then Winix 5500-2 is the best choice to remove such strange aromas   Latest Price On Amazon as it contains Filter H that has AOC carbon filter suitable to trap unpleasant pets odor.

No doubt it is a very affordable purifier that has unique technology. Due to its ability to trap mini particles(about 0.3 micron), it is considered a smart and efficient cleaner due to its ability to eliminate 99.97%pollutants. Its true HEPA filter is also called ultimate Pre-filter.

It has automatic very active air quality sensors that on detection hair, fur or other dander particles stimulate the machine to automatically high or low fan speed.

Don’t worry when you are not at home or near your home premises.just by adjust the timer option of the purifier, you can set a required schedule and enjoy clean air

Another interesting feature is that it has 4-speed setting options i.e low, medium, high and turbo. You can manually adjust the fan speed according to required conditions. It also has a sleep mode feature for keeping the purifier in quiet mode at night.

Also, 3 different LED lights colors(i.e blue, amber and red)provide guidance about the selection of fan speed.

Here are given pros and cons for your convenience, please have a look.

Impressively affordable
No child lock
4 filters with plasma wave technology to remove pet dander Remote has no backlight
True HEPA filter and carbon filter have 99.97% efficiency to clean air up 0.3micron
Slightly heavier than some of other models
Coverage area 300-399 sq feet
Plasma wave cause small amount of ozone
Remote control for ON/OFF

Hamilton Beach True Air:Best Air Purifier For Pets Hair

If you are genuinely worried about pet hair and want to get rid then you should adopt Hamilton Beach true air 04384.

Within the nominal budget, you can enjoy hair free environment. As this device has the ability to capture pets hair and fur with little wattage(38 watts).Hamilton Beach True Air, Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Another impressive feature is that it has a HEPA- type filter that effectively removes hair and clean environment.

Its activated carbon filter detects pets odor and eliminates the unpleasant smell from the room within a short time.

For removal pet hair and allergens, it has the following technology,

  • Pet Allergies: Permanent True HEPA filter for trapping dander
  • Pet Hair: A Pre-filter for pet hair
  • Pet Odors: For removal pets odor, it has 2  Latest Price On Amazon replaceable carbon zeolite filters

Its sleep mode option enables it to work at low speed thus compels us to use in the bedroom as well as offices.

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

Affordable and inexpensive
No remote
Dial button on top with low,medium and high optionNo child lock
Sleep mode
Do not detect allergens particles automatically
Does not emit Ozone No timer
HEPA-grade filter has ability to clean 99% room air

GermGuardian AC5250PT:Best Air Purifier For germs

As the name depicts, this purifier protects you from germs and pet allergies. maybe due to its name, it is most favourite among most pet owners.

Its UV-C light technology kills viruses and bacteria of flu and cold and provides us with a hygienic environment. GermGuardian-AC5250PT-3-in-1,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

This tower shape purifier processes the same true HEPA filter that traps pet allergens as small as 0.3 micron and provides 99.97% fresh environment.

If you are upset with lingering smells of pets, you need no worry. Its Pre-filter with activated carbon removes pets’ odor thus providing you with a hygienic atmosphere.

It processes only a single filter that needs to be changed after 6-8 month depending upon usage.

  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA filter for trapping pet  Latest Price On Amazon allergies
  • Pet Hair: A Pre-filter to block pet hair
  • Pet odors: Activated carbon filter to remove pets odor

Another advantage of this purifier is that it operates calmly at sleep mode. It has an appealing feature of Ultra-quiet sleep. On adjusting it at a low-speed setting, it provides you with comfortable sleep with calm at night.

Large area coverage is prominent property of Honeywell 50250-S. It covers 390 sq.ft. the area which is a sufficient area range to target germs, airborne and other allergens.

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

More cleaning air with smart budget
No remote
Inbuilt timer that can be adjustable from 1-8 hr
No child lock
True hepa filter can clean room upto 99.97% after capturing 0.3 micron allergens
Bright UV-C light can be disturbing
UV-C light technology for destroying germs

Levoit Vista LVH-132:

With a small size and smart budget, Levit vista LVH 132 is the best air purifier that keeps you safe from pet allergies. You can conveniently transfer anywhere in the room due to the small dimensions.

Along with money saver, it also acts as a safeguard that protects you from allergens(0.3 micron)thus save your money, you spend on allergy medicines.GermGuardian-AC5250PT-3-in-1,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

3 stage filtration system (i.e Pre-Filter, True HEPA filter and activated carbon filter)protects us from pets dander and allergies in less than half-hour.

The attractive LED light of Levit provides calm in the dark. Attractive LED light of Levit provides calm in the dark. At sleep mode, this LED light indicates the sign of peace.

Control and mode buttons include ON/OFF button,  Latest Price On Amazon LED nightlight button and 3 fan-speeds button

For removal of pet dander and allergies, it has the following 3 stage filtration system,

  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA filter for blocking dander and allergies
  • Pet Hair: A Pre-filter for trapping pet hair
  • Pet Odors: For removal pets odor,it has activated carbon filters

This device does not use UV or ions so there is zero chance of Ozone emission.

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

Very economical and cheap device
No remote control
3 stage filtration system clean room up to 99.97%
Having no child lock
Sleep mode option
No timer
3 fan speeds(Low,medium and high)No smart sensor
Compact design and lightweight


Honeywell 50250 S:

Another smart and versatile purifier that you should add in your cart is Honeywell 50250S. Its unique feature of rounded look and compact shape make it very attractive. You can conveniently transfer anywhere in the room due to the small size.If you take overview of its manual,it has following description,

A Carbon Pre-filter trap odor and large dander particles before these pass through HEPA-Filter.Its HEPA-Filter also removes bacteria, virus, and microscopic allergens that cause allergy thus clean air up to 99.97%.Honeywell 50250S,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Another impressive feature is its quiet mode option and blue night light that allows you to sleep you with your pets with peace and calm.

This beautiful device also has a speed change button. 3 speeds(low medium and high) can be adjusted by its dial button.

An electronic filter change indicator option provides privilege over any other purifier. It guides you when to change it pre-filter and also alarms you when to clean its HEPA  Latest Price On Amazon filter.

For removal allergens, it has the following technology:

  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA filters that can capture allergens about 0.3 micron
  • Pet Hair: A Pre-filter for hair capturing
  • Pet odors:For removal pets odor,it has a carbon filter

You need not worry about changing its HEPA filter every year. Its efficiency is not disturbed at least 3-5 years which is its plus point.

Air enters into it by making 360 angles through sidewalls. Similarly, an air outlet is present on top of this device that allows refined air to pass out.

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

Attractive and smart
No remote control
Electronic filter change technology
No child lock
Blue night light along with sleep mode
No timer
Best for small to medium room
Its blue night light does not produce ozone
3 fan speed(low,medium and high)

Hathaspace Air Purifier:

Another Air Cleaner & Deodorizer for Pets allergies is hathaspace that can purify your room air with multiple cleaning filters.

This purifier has 5 in 1 air cleaning filters that remove allergy and dander up to 99.97% thus protects us from an unhygienic environment caused by pets.Hathaspace Smart True HEPA,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

The nano-material anti-bacterial filtration system of this device can capture bacteria and viruses up to 0.3 microns.

Dog and other pets having powdery dander and volatile

 organic compounds (VOCs) in the room can be sensed by its smart sensor. Thus this device adjusts fan speed accordingly.

you can set up Its fan speed up to 3 consecutive modes


  Latest Price On Amazon (i.e low medium and high) Also remote control can set this speed.

For removal pet dander and allergies and odor, it has the following technology,

  • Pet Allergies: 5 in 1 air filter system for removing dander and small particles
  • Pet Hair: True HEPA filter for capturing pet hair
  • Pet odors: Cellular-activated carbon filter that removes unpleasant odors

With Its timer option you can set the time at intervals of 1 to 12 hours so don’t worry about energy wastage.

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

Nano-material anti bacterial filtration system
No child lock
Remove unhygienic particles of medium to large room about 350 sq ft.
No filter replacement reminder.You can change hepa filter after 6 month depending upon usage.

Smart sensor capture allergens automatically and adjust fan speed accordingly
3 fan speeds

SilverOnyx Air Purifier:

If you like Cylindrical shape purifiers then silver onyx is the best choice.Its coverage is for a XL room(about 500 sq.ft area) so you need no worry if you have many pets in a extra large room.

Its powerful sensor automatically detects air pollutants (virus, bacteria, and small particles about 0.3 microns)and pushes towards filters.SilverOnyx,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Silveronyx processes 5 stage strong filtration systems that consist of mesh Pre-filter, activated filter, True-Hepa H13 filter, UV-C light, and ion generated filter.

The strong filtration system of this device captures these particles and cleans air 99.97%.

For removal of pet dander and allergies, it has the following technology,

  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA H-13 charcoal filter for removing dander and allergies
  • Pet Hair: A Pre-filter for capturing pet hair
  • Pet odors: For removal pets odor, it has  Latest Price On Amazon activated carbon filter

Control panel is diversified containing push buttons display, auto mode button, sleep mode button and ON/OFF button.

By timer option of this device, we can set specific time thus helps to save energy. Furthermore, we can make the purifier running for the adjusted time.

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

APM2.5 (particulate matter) sensor for automatically adjusting air flow to ensure the purified air No remote control
5 stage filtration system
No child lock
Timer option
True-Hepa H13 filter,UV-C light and ion generated filter for destroying 0.3micron pollutants
Especially designed for extra large room(500 sq.ft)

Pure Enrichment PureZone Air Purifier:

This purifier has all general functions that remove pets dander, hair, and odor. What makes it special. its specialty is it works on the whisper-quiet operation(i.e work on 30 decibels at low speed and 50db at high speed)

Its True hepa filter combines with a pre-filter and carbon filter that cleans air 99.97% and creates a friendly atmosphere.Pure Enrichment PureZone, Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

This device processes UV-C light that kills germs, bacteria and indoor particles that are0.3 micron.

Automatic timer system is an effective option of this purifier. With the help of this smart option we can set time for three sequences i.e for 2,3 and 8 hours.

For removal pet dander and allergies and odor , Pure Zone has the following technology,  Latest Price On Amazon

  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA filter for removing dander and small particles
  • Pet Hair:Pre-filter for capturing pet hair
  • Pet Odors: Activated carbon filter that removes pets odor

Filter change reminder is present that alarms you when filters become dirty and require cleanliness.

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

3 in 1 filtration system No child lock
Control panel has timer that can be adjusted for 3 modes
No remote
UV-C light mode that detect germs No Sleep mode
Quiet operation


VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series:

This tower type purifier is unique and attractive in its look. By removing its base, it can be placed on table-top

HEPA filter along with 4 Precut Activated Carbon Pre-Filters strongly clean germ and pollutants that are 0.3 microns small.VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

If you are fed up with pet odor then don’t worry as VEVA has activated charcoal nanotechnology, that makes room air fresh and odorless.

Another benefit of it is that it possesses a quiet mode option. I.e running with low sound thus don’t disturb our sleep.

Child lock is one of the Impressive functions of this device.when its front panel is removed, it automatically shut-off thus preventing your children from unpleasant incidents. 

Control panel VEVA consists of a fan button that  Latest Price On Amazon can be adjusted for 3 speeds(i.e low, medium and high).

For removal pet dander and allergies and odor , VEVA has the following technology,

  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA filter for capturing dander and small particles
  • Pet Hair: Pre-filter for trapping hair
  • Pet odors:4 Precut Activated Carbon filter that removes unpleasant odors

For further familiarity with the product, read the following Pros and Cons;

4 pre-cut activated carbon pre-filters with HEPA filter to purify air
No timer
Activated charcoal nano technology to remove odor
No remote control
Fan with 3 speeds setting
No filter replacement reminder
Quiet mode
Washable pre filter

Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier:

Another smart function air purifier is airthereal APH 260. An advantage of using this purifier is that its smart control option that measures air quality and by sensing quality its auto mode function selects the right filter for cleaning the air.

Filtration systems consist of True HEPA filter and activated filter that removes harmful particles in the air thus make environment human-friendly.Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier,Best Air Purifiers For Pet’s

Its cold catalyst filter, Nano mineral, molecular sieve are helpful to capture germs and other small particles that are diseases causing.

When the filter expires, a red light alarms you to replace the filter.

One more attractive feature of this purifier is that it has a quiet mode option that helps to sleep with no disturbance.

For removal pet dander and allergies and odor , this device has the following technology,

  • Pet Allergies: True HEPA filter for capturing dander and other harmful particles.  Latest Price On Amazon
  • Pet Hair: washable pre-filter for trapping hair
  • Pet odors: Activated Carbon filter that removes obtrusive odors

You should be happy to hear that its control panel has many options i.e auto mode, sleep mode, fan with 3 speeds and timer option that can be adjusted according to requirement.

Here are given pros and cons for your convenience, please have a look.

Filter change alert
No Child lock
3 speeds fan option
No Remote control
Option of Quiet mode
Smart control option for measuring air quality
Nano Mineral, Cold Catalyst Filter, Photo Catalyst Filter and
Molecular Sieve to remove smallest(0.1 micron) airborne particles.


Final Thoughts:

As we have seen, an air purifier is a best and ultimate solution for keeping your room clean and free of germs. All of the above-mentioned purifiers are affordable and reliable. With less budget, you can take maximum advantages to smart and fancy devices.

If you think that filter replacement after a couple of months is hectic and costly, it is true but on the other hand, by replacing the expire filter, your device becomes refreshed and works for a long period.

As a pet lover, surely you buy a number of pet accessories like pet ramps pet leashes, and pet cages etc. A pets air purifier is no doubt a wonderful addition in your pet accessories that not only create your affection with your pets but also keep your room air fresh and unhygienic.

When you think out of the box, you will definitely admire these versatile purifiers and compel to buy it without any hesitation.